Marvin Williams


Marvin Williams embarked on his journey in PC system building at a young age, delving into programming courses at Digital Corporation when he was just 17. His early experiences paved the way for consulting roles with prestigious firms like Ernst & Young, Andersen Consulting, and Disney, where he contributed to major projects such as the $1.2B California Adventure Theme Park Expansion. Transitioning to web development, Williams served as WebMaster for Equity Marketing and later became the CTO & WebMaster for the web startup NEW GAL NETWORK.COM, showcasing his adaptability and expertise in various tech domains.

From 2009 onward, Williams entered the realm of recording industry powerhouse Interscope Records, collaborating with iconic figures and media companies worldwide. His portfolio includes collaborations with Interscope Records, MTV Teen Choice Awards, Disney Records, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and more. These diverse collaborations provided invaluable experiences and insights, contributing to Williams’ evolution as an innovator and creator in the entertainment industry, while also highlighting his ability to navigate high-profile projects and partnerships with finesse.

In recent years, Williams has expanded his endeavors with 21 Moves Gaming Studios, leveraging his access to major film studios and TV networks. Through partnerships with companies like BIG M ENTERTAINMENT PICTURES (BMEP), Williams aims to deliver high-quality content to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, recognizing the significance of reaching billions of connected devices. His strategic approach emphasizes both the creative and business aspects of content production, aiming for widespread impact and success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment.